What types of press brakes ?

Press brakes requires a large amount of force, and to achieve and deliver this force, the punch lowered onto the sheet metal through several different methods. The methods of force application can be hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, or mechanical. The method of force application often include in the name of a press brake

Press brake also vary in the amount of force they can provide. On a press brake this known as tonnage; it is a measure of tons of force that the press brake can deliver. Typically, hydraulic presses used to achieve very high amounts of force, and pneumatic and servo electric presses provide lesser amounts of force.

The different types of press brake also have different speeds and accuracies as well. A servo electric press brake will generally have the highest degree of accuracy. Pneumatic and servo electric press brakes are also typically faster than hydraulic and mechanical press brakes as well.

press brakes

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