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A professional repair center by Beaml – offer more effective and fast way than the replacement of components.

Sometimes there is not always the need to replace defective parts .Specially ,in high quality modules ,just wearing parts of faulty components have to be repaired or replaced .

At modern workshop, Beaml checks and repairs malfunctioning components with genuine spare parts according to clients’s specifications which means additional security for plant operators .All of beaml workshops own ISO 9001 certification and combing consistent quality standard as well as warranties on repaired parts .

In emergency and express repairs ,experienced engineer will quickly economically review and restore the components for a minimization of downtimes in no time . Beaml offers a 12 months warranty on replaced parts (not including the wear parts) which result in increased cost- effectiveness and financial benefit for you business .

If a damaged component can not fixed anymore ,the repair center will automatically provides the user with an offer for the new spare parts .All of the spare parts are aviable in our stock .

If you would like to get more further information about the repair service for applicances in you city or need any afterservice please check with us any repair center close to you side .


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Spare Parts

Please trust the genuine spare parts : research and development and quality guaranteed by Beaml center.
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Repair system

Beaml repair and support service center repair according to worldwide standards.
>Repair application

Field support

Our field service supports you during one going operation whenever you need us ,Beaml will do our efforts
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Poduct Overhaul

It makes sense to replace defective components one time during scheduled break in production.
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