How to choose the right press brake from China

China press brake is a machine tool used for bending metal parts and sheets up to 20 mm thick. It is composed of a V-shaped or U-shaped die (depending on the desired bending shape) and a punch. The material to be bent is placed on the die and pressed by the punch which then bends the sheet to the selected degree.

China Press brake are used in sheet metal work and production plants in many fields, such as the automotive and aeronautic sectors and electrical industry

How to choose a press brake?

Before choosing your press brake, you must first know the type of metal you want to bend (stainless steel, 16 gauge mild steel, etc.)

Then you will need to determine the particular characteristics to be taken into account when calculating the part bend. This includes,:

The tensile strength

The thickness and length of the metal

The press brake’s folding or bending length

The width of the V

The inner radius of the parts

Once these characteristics have been determined, you must then calculate the tonnage required for the bending operation.

The tonnage is the press force of the press brake. It determines the amount of pressure that can be applied by the punch during the bending operation.

High tonnage allows thick and hard metals to be bent.

Low tonnage is suitable for thin metals.

china press brake

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