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    We take pride in our ability to innovate and create new technologies and products , improve manufacturing processes and introduce new products to the marketplace
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    Everything succeed and grow up through focusing to one industry , Beaml only focus on metal sheet proceeding technology , Our team is able to improve overall performance, while remaining lean and efficient.
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    As the partner of our clients ,we always connecting and engaging, we promise to to keep forward and guarantee you competitive .That’s why we are 24/7 available and at you service.

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Laser cutter

The BS series small laser cutter is the essential laser system that gives you fundamental…

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Service from Beaml means satisfied support for metal sheet industry application worldwide, for ender user or manufactures and agent as well.This means not only cost saving but also significant improvements in uptime.


As a global supplier ,Beaml supports the worldwide mechanical and metal sheet industry with top technologies achievements and unique industry knowledge ; thanks to Beaml training center offer a competent and professional knowledge to whole hose of companies.


Our FAQ is a tip based on our new technologies and our clients who interested in our machines and new tech about the machines and CNC appplications .When they met some questions they can refer to those tips for


Some new information about our company changes and technlogy update and new products development and high tech application in our machines and complete producing solution for the metal sheet industry for some famous companies to share with our clients and invester.

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